Ready to Re-Roof? We’ll help you identify the signs when the existing roof system has outlived its lifespan, and replace it with something strong and safe.

Roof Replacement Checklist

Your roof has outlived its lifespan.

If your roof is more than 20 years old, you should consider replacing it. Chances are that you’ve already made some repairs and installing a new roofing system now will save you money in the long run.

Shingles are missing.

Constant exposure to bright sun, winds, and rain causes the components of the roofing system to wear down over time. This can result in missing, broken or torn shingles, which exposes the underlying roof membrane. This will make your roof vulnerable to the elements.

The flashing is damaged.

Properly installed flashing protects the roofing system joints and roof penetrations from being exposed to moisture. Flashing can degrade over time, exposing the components of the roof that hold it together. If that happens, costly repairs are on the way. It’s best to be proactive rather than reactive.

You experience water damage.

If a rainstorm occurs and you experience signs of water damage on the ceiling and walls of your house, it may be time to replace your roof. If water is leaking in, part of the rooftop system is damaged and may require an emergency roof repair to avoid further damages.

You find animals in your building.

If you come across animals in your home or business, they likely slipped in through a hole in the roof. It’s a common occurrence in older systems and simply means that it’s time for a roof inspection to determine the best path forward.