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Our Miami roofing company provides roof repair & replacement for residential and commercial properties across Florida. Our highly trained roofing contractors have installed, repaired, or replaced more than 80,000 commercial and residential roofs since our inception. The remarkable level of quality that we ensure has earned us a strong reputation as the premier roofing contractors in South Florida. Whether you’re looking to put in a new roof or fix an old one, our main priority is providing you impeccable service and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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Our waterproofing services were developed to keep every aspect of your property watertight. Our waterproofing services include balconies, pool decks, roof-top decks, and sun decks. We are experienced with a wide variety of traditional and modern architectural design concepts, and well-prepared to protect your home from the elements.

Roof Replacement

Ready to Re-Roof? We’ll help you identify the signs when the existing roof system has outlived its lifespan, and replace it with something strong and safe.

Roof Inspections

ZRW provides free roofing inspections to inform property owners on the current status of their roof. We provide our customers with a full inspection report including pictures and recommendations for work that may be required.

Emergency 24/7

The time to prepare is now! It only takes one storm to change your life and community. Tropical cyclones are among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. South Florida faces hurricane season and these cyclones frequently, so you need to be prepared. Even areas well away from the coastline can be threatened by dangerous flooding, destructive winds, and tornadoes from these storms.

New Construction

Z Roofing & Waterproofing specializes in roofing solutions for new construction of both residential and commercial properties. Ensure your home or business has the safest, highest quality roof from the very start, and allow us to custom design the covering for your new project.

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See how your home or commercial building can qualify for 100% financing for your energy efficient roof by clicking the link below.

Thousands of Florida homeowners and business owners have already taken advantage of this program to get their roof replaced.

We’re a company who understands that even if a roof is financed over 20 years there is still an expense that must be budgeted. For this reason, we are very proud of our track record in helping homeowners offset this expense by creating savings that are greater than the cost of replacing a new roof.

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