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Miami roofing experts, Z Roofing & Waterproofing has serviced the Miami area in the Roofing industry since 1998. During our tenure we have worked on more than 80,000 commercial and residential roofs in South Florida. Our remarkable level of quality service has provided us with one of the best reputations as a Miami roofing contractor in South Florida. Our top priority is to select the most ideal solution for your project by providing the service you deserve.

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100% Roof Financing

See how your home or commercial building can qualify for 100% financing for your energy efficient roof by clicking the link below.

Thousands of Florida Homeowners have already taken advantage of this program. We are proud to have assisted hundreds of Dade and Broward County navigate this program in getting their roof replaced.

ZRW is a roofing company who understands that even if a roof is financed over 20 years there is still an expense that must be budgeted. For this reason, we are very proud of our track record in helping homeowners offset this expense by creating savings that are greater than the cost of replacing a new roof.

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Z Roofing met all my expectations, they were professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.

-W.C. Miami

Roger Cabrerra
Roger Cabrerra