Miami Emergency Roof Repair

Miami emergency roof repair

Tropical storms in Florida seem like a common occurrence.  Hurricane winds of 140 miles per hour and more rip through the coastal city, knocking down trees and branches, while torrential rains flood the streets.  This extreme weather typically leads to severe damage to both residential and commercial structures across Miami-Dade county.  Consequently, Z Roofing & Waterproofing offers Miami emergency roof repair.  When a home or business needs the roof fixed quickly, they can contact us at (305) 623-7663 for expedient, dependable service when it counts.

How to Avoid Needing Emergency Roof Repair

The easiest way to avoid having to call on our Miami emergency roof repair service is by (1) choosing the right roofing material from the start and (2) inspecting your roof regularly to check for problems.

While there are a tremendous amount of roofing materials available to businesses and homes across the region, few of the materials are capable of withstanding the heavy winds and rainfall that Miami tends to bring every so often.  Shingle roofing may be cheap, but it’s easily damaged by high winds and falling tree branches.  Additionally, it only lasts 15 years on average before needing to be replaced.

On the other hand, metal roofing is very strong, depending on the material you choose.  Steel or copper is a great choice for a durable, long-lasting roof.  It’s fire resistant, blocks everything from bad weather to animals, protects you from the environmental elements, and increases safety.  However, it’s very expensive, ranging from $15 to more than $30 per square foot, depending on the material.  It’s also prone to denting (if you choose aluminum) if limbs or branches happen to fall on it.

The 2nd way to avoid needing emergency roof repair is by regularly inspecting your roof to ensure there’s no damage and that everything looks fine.  The most common issues are leaks and mold, usually with shingle roofing.  A shingle breaks free in a storm and mold starts to form under it, leading to moss and insects that damage the roofing membrane and eventually get into the house.

Call Us for Emergency Roofing Services

If the roof on your home or business sustains major damage that requires immediate attention, call the experts at Z Roofing right away.  We’ve been int he industry for more than 20 years, so we’ve seen everything from a few small dents to a huge, gaping whole from a tree that collapsed into the side of the business.  Our operator will dispatch our team of professionals out to your location right away to assess the damage and help you with repairs.  And, we’ll help you talk to insurance as well to make sure everything you need done is covered.  We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.