Miami Commercial Waterproofing

Finding the right Miami Commercial Waterproofing contractor to take care of your commercial or industrial project can be a challenging task. For us, the roofing services we provide to our clients in Miami are founded on commercial waterproofing. We acknowledge the fact that no business owner wants to deal with roof repairs and that’s why we want to make sure your roof and the structure under it watertight.

Z Roofing and Waterproofing utilizes the experience and expertise of our own professionals and equipment to ensuretwin-cities-roofing-contractor buildings are protected. We have the skills, equipment, materials, and staff to deliver complete protection and restoration of your commercial property. We believe in achieving clear results. Our waterproofing concept involves applying a polymer membrane on your roof.

Our Waterproofing services and products include:

  • Sand-blasting and cleaning
  • Chemical grouting
  • Specialty coatings and water repellents
  • Caulking and sealants
  • Exterior building restoration

Our Miami Commercial Waterproofing results include:

  • A roofing membrane that reflects away any damaging UV rays from the sun
  • A roof that is impermeable to industrial chemicals
  • A roof that keeps the surface cooler thus saving on your energy cost. Your demand of air conditioning is reduced.
  • You’ll keep your existing roof in service and extend its lifespan for an additional decade.

Most of the roofs in Miami are being replaced after a very few years but we are fulltime waterproofing contractors in Miami ready to make a difference on your commercial building. We are equipped to provide you with effective solutions and lasting protection on your building.

There are several reasons as to why roof coatings are so effective in protecting your roof. The first reason is that roof coatings restore your existing roof surface. If it has any leaks, they are all sealed. Furthermore, the surface of your existing roof is thoroughly pressure washed to ensure nothing interferes with the adherence of the waterproofing membrane on your roof.

Let our trusted team of roof repair professionals in Miami prolong the service life of your roof. Please call us today at 305.623.7663.