Water Damaged Roof Repairs in Miami, FL

water damaged roof repairs in Miami, FL

Miami’s variable weather conditions frequently lead to flooding and heavy rainfall which inevitably causes damage to buildings and other structures, particular roofing systems.  It’s unfortunate, but it brings tons of customers in need of water damaged roof repairs in Miami, FL. Visible signs of water damage are easy to spot in the yard, but are harder to see on a roof unless you put a ladder against the building and climb up to take a look.  However, there are a number of signs to look for inside the building that indicate potential roof damage.

The first thing to look for inside of the home or building is discoloration in the ceiling tiles.  Once water seeps in, it doesn’t seem to dry, no matter how long it sits.  Another potential sign is discoloration in the wood.  Untreated, indoor wood that’s exposed to water for any extended duration will begin to discolor and rot.  If you notice any changes, call a roofing specialist right away.  The 3rd sign of potential water damage is wet insulation.  The water got into the building somehow, and it’s likely through a hole in the roofing system.  If the roof was hit and damaged during a storm, a hole might have formed.  Additionally, constant exposure to UV rays can begin to grow moss under the slabs if you have a shingle rooftop.  Keep an eye out and be sure to request regular roof inspections to check on its condition.

Aside from regularly inspecting your roof, you should also make sure to keep it clean of fallen debris and to empty out the gutters every so often.  Sitting debris can become a home for wild animals, so remove that as soon as possible.  And as for gutters, cleaning them prevents mold, moss, and insects from spreading onto your roof.  It also prevents water overflow which can potentially damage the roof and building foundation.  Excess moisture should be removed quickly so it doesn’t spur plant growth.

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We understand that damage to your home can be quite scary. While we can’t undo the damage on your roof, we have what it takes to fix and restore its value and beauty. We are committed to providing you with seamless, long-lasting repairs. Our first step when dealing with your project is carrying out an assessment so we can determine what’s involved and how long it will take to complete. Furthermore, we will work with your insurance company on your behalf to save you the headache.  Contact us for a free estimate today.