roof maintenance tips

Z Roofing & Waterproofing offers roof maintenance tips for homes in Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas.  These recommendations ensure that homeowners protect their initial investment in their homes by minimizing expenses.  When someone builds a new house, the price of the roofing system is typically included.  Because of that, most homeowners don’t realize how expensive it a replacement can be.  Simple maintenance on a recurring basis is the easiest way to safeguard yourself from a costly roof replacement.


Miami’s interesting weather patterns change with the seasons.  Autumn is the time of year when you should be preparing your home for the coming winter months.  Check out the following tips for maintaining your roof in fall:

  • Get a Roof Inspection

If the autumn season has arrived, it’s time to call a local contractor for a roof inspection.  These thorough reviews should be performed semi-annually at minimum to ensure that the roof is in good, working condition; inspections check for fallen debris, mold, holes, leaks, missing shingling, and more.  We recommend having this done sooner rather than later because you want your home to be prepared for the heavy rainfall and potential snow that may come in the next few months.  Additionally, if roof repairs need to be made, it’s easier to do them when it’s still reasonably warm out.

  • Clean the Gutters

Gutters are meant to collect water and move it away from the house, protecting the roof, walls, and foundation from excess moisture.  If the gutters are filled with sticks and leaves, it can’t drain the water effectively.  This causes water spillover onto the roof and encourages mold growth.  To avoid these issues, prop the ladder up against the house and clean the gutters from time to time.  This quick task can save your from potentially damaging your roof.

  • Install Gutter Guards

If you don’t feel like cleaning out the gutters constantly, hire someone else to do it.  Another option is to install gutter guards.  These special covers block debris and leaves from getting into the trough in the first place.  Water will pass through with no problem, but nothing else will be able to get in.  Cleaning the inside of the gutter becomes slightly more challenging because the guards need to be removed to do it, but at least you’re not picking out leaves forever.

  • Trim Your Trees

The roof protects the top of the home from environmental elements, and it needs to be cared for in order to do its job.  Even the toughest roofing systems are subject to damage when struck by tree branches and fallen limbs in a storm.  Trees can break shingling and puncture holes in the roof relatively easily.  To minimize the chances of this happening, trim your trees back.  Ideally, you want enough spacing between vegetation and the building that nothing happens when storms roll in.

  • Invest in Roof Repairs as Needed

During inspection, a professional roofing contractor may indicate to you some areas and parts that need repair.  This could be a small hole, a leak, or broken shingles. It’s important that you take care of those minor issues as quickly as you can. What might seem like a small problem in the fall can create an even bigger problem in winter if not fixed in a timely manner.  Investing in small repairs now is much better than having to replace the entire roof later on.

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