shingle roof needs repair

One of the most crucial things for homeowners is examining the roof periodically to make sure the shingles are free of damage.  The importance of roof inspections is widely ignored, despite the fact that it’s the most exposed part of the house.  Here are some indications that your shingle roof needs repair:

  • Damaged Flashings

The roof’s flashing is the material that’s installed over the joints in the roof and wall to prevent water from getting in.  While the style of the roof may vary, flashing is generally located in the valleys, around the chimney, and surrounding all skylights.  If the flashing loosens or becomes damaged, water can seep into the joints and begin to degrade the roofing system.  Flashing repairs can usually be done inexpensively with patches or sheet metal, so fix it as soon as possible.

  • Missing or Broken Shingles

When storms hit, branches inevitably fall on the roof, sometimes damaging or breaking shingles.  If you notice any problems with the shingles on your home’s rooftop, call a roofing professional to assess the damage and replace the shingles as soon as possible.  Leaving broken shingles or an exposed area on the roof leaves the underlying roofing membrane exposed to the elements.  Heavy UV radiation and constant rain will deteriorate the membrane until the structure becomes unstable and needs to be replaced.  You can avoid these costly repairs by being proactive.

  • Stained Ceiling

When there’s a hole or a leak in the roof, it usually becomes evident quickly.  Sometimes, the attic and insulation gets wet.  Other times, water leaks through the ceiling and causes stains.  If you notice any of these problems, have the roof inspected and repaired immediately.

These types of problems don’t normally occur when you hire a certified roofing contractor from the start.  Professional roofers, like the team at Z Roofing & Waterproofing, have gone through countless hours of training and have years of experience on the job working with all different kinds of roofing materials.  With proper installation, the roofing systems last much longer and you end up paying less in repairs during its lifetime. With that said, if your shingle roof needs repair, call us right away for a free assessment.  We’re happy to inspect your roof and help you determine the most cost-effective route to take.