How to Choose the Best Color for Your Roof

The color of the roof has a dramatic effect on the style of your home no matter the type of home you own. As you are going to live with the same roof color for the next few decades it is important to choose a color that complements the exteriors of your house. Here are a few tips that will help you decide the best roof color for your house.

Choose a Color that Goes well with the Architectural Style of your House

The first step is to research the history of the house and know its architectural style before deciding the color. For instance, if you live in a traditional colonial house then it is good to go for shingles that have one solid color. For old-style houses you should go for traditional colors that give it a classical appeal. On the other hand, if you have a casual or a rustic home you can go for earthy browns, greys, and greens that will work well with the natural surroundings and create a laid-back ambiance.

Go for a Color that Complements the Sidings and Shutters

It is important to choose a color that goes well with the sidings and the shutters. Brown or tan shingles go well with natural sidings such as stone. Red brick houses look beautiful with black, green or grey shingles. Beige or tan sidings go well with brown, black, and green roof colors. If your house has a grey siding then go for black, grey, white, or blue roof color. Opt for contrasting colors rather than matching colors that create a monotonous look.

To ensure that everything ties together, make sure that the roof color includes tones from accent trims, window shutters or the front door. This will help in creating a cohesive look.

Avoid Using Too Many Patterns and Colors

If your house has multiple paint colors or brick facades then you should opt for a shingle color that is neutral and not too bright. It is because too many colors and patterns can be overwhelming for the eyes. On the other hand, if your house has neutral sidings then it is good to opt for a bright color to create an interesting look.

Carefully Look at the Samples in all Colors of Light

When you select a sample roof color you should look at it in bright and dim light so that you will get a clear picture of how the roof will look in sunlight and in shade. Ensure that all the exterior colors of the house complement each other in different types of lighting.

Consider Your Priorities

Do you want your house to stand out or to blend in with the surroundings? If you want to attract attention toward the positive features of your house then opt for light colored shingles that also make the house appear larger. Dark colored shingles such as tan and brown work well in camouflaging surface flaws. Homeowners with multi-level homes prefer dark colored shingles to emphasize the roof and to balance the height of the building.

If you have single story home then it is good to have light shingles so that the house appears larger. Dark shingles on a single storied house can look dominating so it is important to choose carefully.

Get in touch with your local roofing contractor as you can benefit from his professional experience. Discuss your color choices with him and make an informed decision as you probably have to stay with the roofing for the next few decades.