Miami Roof Maintenance


Miami roof maintenance

People tend to forget the fact that Miami roof maintenance is just as important as car maintenance; it’s something you have to do if you want your roof to last for an extended length of time.  The roof is a critical part of the building’s structure, protecting the home’s inhabitants from wild animals and the environmental elements, such as wind, rain, dust, and storms.  Frequent maintenance aids in protecting the roof from damage.

Miami Roof Maintenance DIY Tips & Tricks:

  • Clean debris after storms – Miami’s weather can be a little crazy at times.  One minute it’s sunny and clear, and the next minute, your car is floating down the street because of torrential downpours.  After a storm hits, pull out the ladder and check out the roof.  Do a quick inspection to make sure there are no branches or limbs laying on the roof.
  • Look for leaks – While you’re inspecting your roof for damage, check for leaks and holes that may have developed.  A single strike from a tree branch could knock a shingle out of place and expose the underlying roofing materials.
  • Clean out the gutter – Yes, it’s a pain and no one enjoys doing it, but it’s necessary.  Sticks and leaves block water from exiting the gutter, causing spillover onto the roof.  In addition, stagnant water is a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes.  Clean out the gutter so you don’t cause roof damage or an insect problem.  A simply trash bag will do.  Fill it up and leave it out for pick-up.

Different Types of Roofing Have Different Problems:

  • Metal roofing – Check to see if there are any objects that have penetrated the metal panels or your roof.  Also make sure the metal roof surface doesn’t appear to be oxidized.
  • Shingle roofing – Are there any objects or nails penetrating the shingles? Is the edge metal missing? Are there any damaged screens or overhand boards?
  • Tile roofing – Look for missing or broken tiles.  Tiles can be replaced relatively easily, so it’s best to catch that early and get it done.  Roof replacements are much more expensive.

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